Welcome to Hands-On Health!  

My practice is located at the Midline Bodywork Clinic, 555 Soquel Avenue, Suite 350, in Santa Cruz.

Please use www.midlinebodywork.com to schedule an appointment online.

You are also most welcome to email me at refallday@aol.com or to call 617-538-6012 for more information.

I specialize in cranial therapy - complemented, where indicated, by more traditional chiropractic and gentle somatic and myofascial work. This is because, as explained on the next page, I have found that cranial work often provides the most direct access to and relief of the holding patterns that underlie many symptoms and health problems. 

I also focus on prevention and retraining--exploring the simple changes we can make in the way we use our bodies that will help them stay integrated, flowing, and pain-free.  

Our times and our lives tend to be complex and stressful--and we find our bodies reflecting this in many ways. Sometimes pain and injury, sometimes fatigue and loss of vitality, often unneeded tightness and binding energy. A lot of things we learn to live with that we shouldn't have to!

As a Doctor of Chiropractic first licensed in 1991, my work has gradually evolved toward a focus on the impact of stresses on the free flow within our bodies that correlates so strongly with overall health and well-being.

I look forward to working with you to bring your body back to free flow, ease of movement, and its full potential. 

Yours in health - Jonathan

Jonathan D. Simon, D.C.
555 Soquel Avenue, Suite 350
Santa Cruz, CA  95062